Children’s Dental Program

Education and Prevention

Early Education About Caring for Your Teeth

is important to life-long quality of life. Children’s Dental works with daycare centers and schools to provide that information in an age-appropriate format, and provides dental screenings in the daycare centers and schools on the Qualla Boundary.

Once a year, near the beginning of the school year, we visit the schools and child care centers to provide free dental screenings, exams and fluoride varnish. Each parent/guardian is notified of the results of the dental screening. If your child needs further treatment and you are eligible to use the services at the Cherokee Hospital, you may schedule an appointment with a pediatric dental team member at the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority Dental Clinic (828-497-9163, ext. 6478).

We also see eligible children ages 7-17 years of age in the orthodontic program. We coordinate children’s braces and surgeries, dental exams and treatment with the Cherokee Dental Clinic and Cherokee County Clinic. We determine eligibility, set up appointments, assist with paperwork; and provide cleanings, x-rays and fluoride varnish.

We are available to speak at civic and community groups, and we participate in health fairs, parents meetings and other health related activities held in the community.

Dental decay is the number one chronic disease among children, occurring 5 times more frequently than asthma. However, dental decay can be completely prevented! One way to help prevent this disease is to protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth with dental sealants.

It is important for proper dental care to start as soon as a child is born. Keeping your baby’s mouth clean is the first step in helping your child avoid future dental problems. Additionally, it is very important for a child’s first dental visit to occur once their first tooth has appeared. The CIHA Dental Clinic offers walk in visits for children under the age of three.

It’s never too early to learn about taking care of your teeth. We regularly visit child care centers to educate and promote healthy dental care.

Learn more about good dental care by reading these articles (pdfs):

Children’s Dental Program

73 Kaiser Wilnoty Drive
Cherokee, NC 28719

Mellie K. Burns
Registered Dental Hygienist

Charissa Dehart
Dental Hygienist

Seeing patients at CIHA. Call ahead.

Monday – Friday
7:45 am – 4:30 pm

Emergency Contacts
If your child has a dental emergency please seek care through the Cherokee Indian Hospital Dental
Clinic at 497-9163 ext. 6478 or after hours through the Cherokee Indian Hospital Emergency Department.


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